Not sure how much to order?This is a hard one and will depend on many factors such as the type of meal, what other food being served etc but we recommend:

  • Salads 2kg for 15-20 serves
  • Coleslaw 2.5kg will serve between 30-50 people
  • Onion rings 2kg serves approx 40-50 people
  • Please note – we have a minimum order of 3kgs

When do I order? Order at least 3 days in advance

How do I order? Simply fill out the order form below and we will contact you re payment and collection.

How do I pay? We will send you an invoice and ask that you pay direct by internet banking or cash on collection – we have Eftpos available.

Where do I collect? 520 Waterloo Road Islington, Christchurch. We can arrange an out of town delivery.

Contact us on: 0800 805 705 Or email to: chchsales@bushroadltd.co.nz


  • Country Coleslaw $0.00
  • Coleslaw $0.00


  • Cheese & Pineapple Pasta Salad $0.00
  • Egg Curry Salad $0.00
  • Traditional Egg Salad $0.00
  • Mild Curry Rice $0.00
  • Potato Salad $0.00
  • Cucumber Twist $0.00
  • Sour Cream Potato Salad $0.00


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